December 2012  

Taking a lot more home, for a lot less!
Dear Guest,

Etihad Airways, in association with Etihad Cargo, is delighted to introduce the Etihad Kabayan Box - a fantastic way to send gifts and personal items to the Philippines in a fast and secure manner, and at very attractive rates.

Choosing a Kabayan Box when you fly Etihad Airways enables you to take more baggage in addition to your eligible check-in baggage and also ensures that your additional baggage travels with you!

Kabayan Box charges from Abu Dhabi International Airport to Manila International Airport:

Regular Up to 20 Kgs 150
Jumbo Up to 50 Kgs 350

What items can the Kabayan Box be used for?

The Kabayan Box is intended strictly for personal belongings and cannot be used for commercial shipments. For more details,
click here.

How does the Kabayan Box work?

You could opt for a Kabayan Box when you have a flight booking with Etihad Airways. However, a flight booking is not mandatory while sending a Kabayan Box.

If you would like your Kabayan Box to fly on the same flight as you are, it must be delivered to us at the Abu Dhabi Cargo Terminal Export Counter 417 at least 8 hours prior to your flight. You could also choose to deliver it to our partner agencies. Upon arrival in Manila, you can visit our handling agency to collect your box. For more details, click here.

It’s time to say good-bye to sending boxes by sea several months in advance. Choose the Etihad Kabayan Box - It’s fast, reliable and offers great value!

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*Terms and conditions apply. Etihad Airways & Etihad Cargo cannot be held liable for any third-party taxes or fees levied by the local authorities at any side,  such as (but not limited to) customs fees, additional handling, storage, import tax,etc. Since customs in Manila is closed on weekends (Saturday & Sunday), all boxes sent on Friday, Saturday or Sunday will be ready for delivery on Monday. Items may be subject to import tax or customs duty in the Philippines and those charges will be billed separately by local authorities, if applicable. Kabayan Box shipments are subject to standard Terms and Conditions of Etihad Airways & Etihad Cargo.