Television COMEDY DRAMA B Positive: S1 22 mins | PG13 | E Drew is a therapist and newly divorced dad with B-positive bloodwho needs a kidney donor.When he is unable to find a donor within his family, he runs into Gina, a rougharound-the-edgeswoman fromhis past who volunteers her own kidney. Together they forman unlikely and life-affirming friendship as they begin a journey that will forever impact both of their lives. Doctor Who: S13 (Boxset) 60 mins | PG13 | E In the thirteenth series of DoctorWho, the Doctor and Yaz return for this adrenalin fuelled, universe-spanning series, joined by Dan Lewis andVinder. The season introduces terrifying newadversaries aswell the return of truly iconic old enemies. Expect action, fun, scares and extraordinary newworlds as the Doctor and her friends confront a deadly evil. Hacks: S2 33 mins | R | E In Season 2 of Hacks, the darkmentorship between legendary LasVegas comedian DeborahVance and her young, entitledwriter Ava Daniels continues to evolve as the two travel across the countryworkshopping Deborah’s newstand-up act whilst still being operatically cruel.Who cares about likability whenwatching thesewomen be vicious to each other is such a delight? Yellowjackets: S1 60 mins | R | E Part survival epic, part psychological horror andpart coming-of-agedrama, this is the story of a teamofwildly talentedhighschool girls’ soccer playerswho surviveanaccident in the remotenorthernwilderness.The series chronicles their descent froma complicated but thriving teamto savage clans,whilealso tracking the lives they’veattempted topiece back together 25 years later. © 2022 WARNER BROS. ENTERTAINMENT INC. / © 2022 UNIVERSAL TELEVISION LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. / © BBC MMXXI / © SHOWTIME NETWORKS INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED / © 2022 WARNERMEDIA DIRECT, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. HBO MAX™ IS USED UNDER LICENSE. / © 2022 HOME BOX OFFICE, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. HBO® AND ALL RELATED PROGRAMS ARE THE PROPERTY OF HOME BOX OFFICE, INC. The Staircase: S1 (Boxset) 60 mins | Drama | R | E Inspiredbya truestory,TheStaircase followswriterand warveteranMichael Petersonafter thesuspiciousdeathof hiswifeKathleen. Intertwiningmultipleperspectivesand timelines, thisgripping limitedseriesexplores theelusive natureof truth,whileservingasan intimateportrait of a family’sgrief. Succession: S3 66 mins | Drama | R | E Power,politics,money...it’sall inthe family inthisprovocative yet funnyseriesabout ahighlydysfunctional dynasty.Logan RoybeginsSeason3 inaperilousposition,while tensions riseasabittercorporatebattle threatens to turn intoa familycivilwar. The Flight Attendant: S2 50 mins | Drama | R | E CassieBowden is livingher best sober life inLosAngeles whilemoonlightingas aCIAasset inher spare time. But whenanoverseas assignment leadsher to inadvertently witness amurder, shebecomes entangled inanother internationalmystery. Barry: S3 30 mins | Comedy | R | E Returning for a highly anticipated third season, Emmywinning dark comedy Barry follows a depressedwar vet-turned-hitmanwho falls in lovewith actingwhile on a job in LA. This season brings the titular hitman face-tofacewith some unexpected foes as he finds his quest for redemption completely toppled.