MORE GREAT INDIAN CINEMA Atrangi Re H, Es Bunty Aur Babli 2 H, Es, As Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui H, Es, As Gol Maal H, Es Khiladi H, Es Mimi H, Es, As Mujhse Shaadi Karogi H, Es Pushpa: TheRise - Part 1 H, Es SatyamevaJayate2 H, Es, As Sooryavanshi H, Es, As MORE GREAT ASIAN CINEMA Breakout Brothers 2 CAN, MAN, Es TooCool toKill MAN, Es In Our Prime K, Es The Policeman’s Lineage K, Es 366 TAG, Es Greed TAG, Es JujutsuKaisen: Zero J, Es Noise J, Es Kongsi Raya M, Es, Cs Mendarat Darurat IND, Es Only Fools Rush In 129 mins | PG13 | MAN, Es Wu Renteng left his oldmother and loner sonWu Renyao in the small sea village. Renyao only cares about two things: his motorcycle and the sweet girl Zhou Huansong. Renyao joins her brother Zhou Huange’ s racing teamand finally gets the chance to chat with her. However, Huange suffers an accident which will change their happy life. Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 143 mins | PG13 | H, Es, As When strangers Reet and Ruhan cross paths, their journey leads to an abandonedmansion in Bhawanigarh, Rajasthan. Ruhaan has then to pretend to be a fraud psychic to deal with the return of malevolent Manjulika, a dreaded spirit who has been trapped in themansion for 18 years and is hell-bent on vengeance against its owner, the Thakur family. Missing 133 mins | PG13 | TEL, Es Married coupleGautamand Shruthi suffer anaccident one fateful night.Gautamendsup inahospital with injuries,while hiswifegoesmissing. Stalker 93 mins | PG13 | KAN, Es Aravind is arrested but tells the cops that hewas just trying to save his daughter froma stalker. Startling details emerge that shock the cops! Thirimali 136 mins | PG | MAL, Es Aman froma poor economic background goes on a trip to Nepal. His life turns upside down when he learns some unexpected truths. Carbon 108 mins | PG13 | TAM, Es Aman with a special ability tries to discover the identity of amysterious hit-and-run driver, who has put his father in a critical condition. Alienoid 142 mins | PG13 | K, Es InKorea’sGoryeoDynasty,Muruk competesforamysterioussword. In2022, ‘Guard’ isonthehunt for analien.Whenatime-travelling portalopens, thesepathscross. Lesson in Murder 122 mins | R | J, Es After receiving a letter from serial killer Haimura about one of themurders he’s convicted for, Masaya begins to investigate his last murder case and his past. Mama’s Affair 127 mins | PG13 | CAN, Es With her son about to leave to study abroad and the gap with her husband growing wider, former talent manager Mei Fung decides to get back in the business. Connected 106 mins | PG13 | TAG, Es Linked by youth angst, Gen Z or Zoomerswho desire to connect to something bigger than themselves discover the agony and pleasure of love. World Cinema INDIAN AS IAN