MORE GREAT INDIAN CINEMA Ahaan H, Es Good Newwz H, Es Hum Aapke Hain Koun H, Es Kaagaz H, Es Lines H, Es Mera Fauji Calling H, Es Raja Hindustani H, Es Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman H, Es Saina H, Es Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara H, Es MORE GREAT ASIAN CINEMA Man in Love MAN, Es, Cs Raging Fire CAN, MAN, Es Escape from Mogadishu K, Es Miracle: Letters to the President K, Es Character J, Es Masquerade Night J, Es Here and There TAG, Es Revirginized TAG, Es J2: J Retribusi M, Es Milea: Suara Dari Dilan IND, Es Cloudy Mountain 114 mins | PG13 | MAN, Es An action-packed disastermovie directed by Li Jun. Due to the effects of global geological changes, the construction of a tunnel triggers a series of natural disasters, putting the entire surrounding area in danger. A father and son step up to try and stop the disasters at their source.Will they be able to save 160,000 people and get out alive? Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar 126 mins | PG13 | H, Es A story about SandeepWalia, a succesful banker, and Pinkesh, a Haryanvi suspended police officer, whowitness a violent incident. As a result, they are forced to stick together and help each other as they try to outrun the thugs following them. But they come fromvery different worlds, and theymistrust, suspect, and hate each other. Johaar 122 mins | PG | TEL, Es An anthology of stories about four people struggling to make their lives better, and how those plans are thrown into disarray when a politician decides to divert welfare funds. Salt 130 mins | PG13 | KAN, Es Salt tells the story of a group formed by four protagonists, who get tricked into a kidnapping scheme.Will they figure it out in time? Black Coffee 135 mins | PG | MAL, Es Cook Babu quarrelswith his belovedmaster Lal. Hewalks out of the house andmeets Lena, a fashion designer who employs him.Will he return to Lal? Ka Pae Ranasingam 170 mins | PG | TAM, Es Afterherhusband’smysterious deathoverseas,a fiercewoman battlesagainst corrupt politics andvengeful agendas tobring hisbodybackhome. On the Line 109 mins | R | K, Es After falling victim of voice phishing, former detective Seo-joon, now head of the field operations team at the Busan construction site, manages to track down the organisation that did it. Drive My Car 180 mins | R | J, Es After hiswife’s unexpected death, YusukeKafuku, a renowned actor and director,must,with the help of his driver, face the haunting mysteries she left behind. Anita 137 mins | PG | CAN, Es Ahousehold name inHongKong, Cantopop star AnitaMui was the definition of a cultural icon duringHongKong’s golden age in the 80s and 90s. Thismovie startswith her final concert and looks back on her life. More than Blue 113 mins | PG13 | TAG, Es K and Cream are orphans who share a home without any romantic ties. But when K finds out that he is dying, he keeps it from Cream. World Cinema INDIAN AS IAN