EBOX (WB) IFE Guide_September'23

MORE GREAT INDIAN CINEMA Agent Vinod H, Es Bombay to Goa H, Es Double Xl H, As, Es Ek Villain Returns H, As, Es Fan H, Es Freddy H, Es Jhoom Barabar Jhoom H, Es Kuch Kuch Hota Hai H, Es Raksha Bandhan H, As, Es Rashtra Kavach OM H, Es MORE GREAT ASIAN CINEMA Far Far Away CAN, Es Hachiko MAN, Cs, Es Confession K, Es Honest Candidate 2 K, Es Dulo TAG, Es The Goodbye Girl TAG, Es Even If This Love Disappears Tonight J, Es Ichikei’s Crow the Movie J, Es Talbis Iblis M, Es Gundala IND, Es The Wandering Earth II 173 mins | PG13 | MAN, Es, Cs Time moves in carefully marked units in this sci-fi disaster film, a prequel to 2019’s The Wandering Earth. The sun is about to be destroyed and humans have built huge engines to help them find a new home. But the road into the universe is perilous, and in order to save the Earth, the group must race against time to survive. Forensic 128 mins | PG13 | H, Es This remake of the Malayalam film of the same name is a gripping mystery full of twists and turns. With the suspect always a step ahead of them, a pair of officers with a complicated personal history deal with clues from the past, false leads, and a ticking clock in order to nab the elusive serial killer. Suraapanam 144 mins | PG13 | TEL, Es By drinking ‘Suraapanam’, Shiva turns into an old man, a young boy and a kid every day. What are consequences and how will he deal with them? Bebhan 111 mins | PG13 | MAR, Es The story of a spoilt heir to a textile empire, who loses the plot when his love interest doesn’t reciprocate his advances and he loses his inheritance. Varisu 169 mins | PG13 | TAM, Es Vijay Rajendran is a happy-golucky man. Things change when his father becomes terminally ill, and he is left to manage his business empire. Rebound 122 mins | PG13 | K, Es A new coach and six players from the weakest basketball team knock on victory’s door in this true story of the 2012 National High School Basketball Championship. Small, Slow but Steady 99 mins | PG | J, Es A hearing-impaired boxer follows her dream of becoming a professional boxer but is pushed to her limit by the pandemic and the potential closure of her gym. Five Hundred Miles 110 mins | PG13 | MAN, ES Eighteen-year-old Lu Xiaogu switches places with lawyer Zhong Da, the boyfriend of 30-year-old Jin Hao, who Lu Xiaogu is secretly in love with. Sa Haba Ng Gabi 81 mins | 15+ | TAG, Es When a zombie outbreak happens, two housemaids and a driver must survive their longest night ever when they get trapped inside a mansion. World Cinema INDIAN ASIAN Priyan Ottathilanu 134 mins | PG13 | MAL, Es Priyadarshan sets aside his own commitments in order to help those around him. However, fate leads him down a road where he must make a hard choice. *Content may vary by aircraft type.