Television COMEDY DRAMA Awkwafina is Nora from Queens: S2 30 mins | PG13 | E Awkwafina stars asNoraLin in this scripted seriesbasedonher real-lifebeginnings in Flushing, Queens.Raisedalongsideher cousin byher dadandgrandma, eternal optimist Nora leans onher family as shenavigates young adulthoodandstruggles toholddowna job in outer boroughNewYorkCity. The English: S1 (Box Set) 60 mins | PG13 | E AnEnglishwoman, LadyCorneliaLocke, comes to theWest in1890 looking for revengeon the man, she sees as responsible for thedeathof her son, andmeetsEliWhipp, ex-cavalry scout andmember of thePawneeNationby birth, on hisway toNebraska to claimthe landhe is owed for his service in theUSarmy. The Goldbergs: S9 21 mins | PG13 | E Amultigenerational comedy set in the 1980s in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, about growing up in a loud, loving and slightly dysfunctional family - the Goldbergs. Our narrator, geeky AdamGoldberg, looks back at lifewith his eccentric suburban family: his overbearing mother, hot-tempered father, rebellious older sister, high-strung older brother and suave grandfather. S.W.A.T.: S5 60 mins | PG13 | E S.W.A.T. takes a realistic and sensitive look at the bravemen andwomenwho form the elite unit of Metro SpecialWeapons and Tactics of the LAPD, dedicating themselves to saving liveswhile trying to navigate the politics of policing communitieswho don’t always trust them. Followa lieutenant who is torn between loyalty to the streets and duty to his fellow officers. ©VIACOM/ THE GOLDBERGS: S9 - © 2021 AMERICAN BROADCASTING COMPANIES, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED./ © DRAMA REPUBLIC & ALL3MEDIA INTERNTAIONAL/ S.W.A.T.: S5 - ©2021 CBS BROADCASTING INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED./ ©2023 WARNERMEDIA DIRECT, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. HBO MAX™ IS USED UNDER LICENSE./ © 2023 HOME BOX OFFICE, INC. HBO® AND ALL RELATED PROGRAMS ARE THE PROPERTY OF HOME BOX OFFICE, INC. Julia: S1 (Box Set) 49 mins | Comedy | R | E After the success of her 1961debut cookbook, JuliaChild pitches the idea for a cooking showtoTVstationWGBH. Charmingandhilarious, Julia sheds light on the lifeof America’spreeminent cookandapivotal timeof change inAmericanhistory. Gordita Chronicles: S1 30 mins | Comedy | PG | E Cucuhas just saidgoodbye toall ofher friendsand family in SantoDomingoandmoved toMiamiwithhermarketing executive fatherVictor,boldandvivaciousmotherAdela, andreputation-crazyoldersisterEmilia.But life inAmerica is far fromwhat theyoriginally imagined. Scenes from a Marriage: S1 (Box set) 60 mins | Drama | R | E Scenes fromaMarriage centres onMira, a confident, ambitious techexecutive left unfulfilledbyhermarriage, and Jonathan, anaccommodating, hyper-intellectual philosophy professor desperate tokeep their relationship intact.The series explores love, hatred, desire,monogamy, marriage, anddivorce through the lens of a contemporary Americancouple. The Staircase (Box set) 60 mins | Drama | R | E Inspiredby a true story, TheStaircase followswriter and warveteranMichaelPetersonafter thesuspiciousdeathof hiswifeKathleen. Intertwiningmultipleperspectivesand timelines, thisgrippinglimitedseriesexplorestheelusive natureof truth,whileservingasanintimateportraitofa family’sgrief.