Television DOCUMENTARY L I FESTYLE SPORT Celebrity IOU: Tiffany Haddish Returns the Love 43 mins | PG13 | E TiffanyHaddishwants toreturnherbest friend’s unconditional loveandsupport.WithJonathan andDrew’shelp,shemakessureher friendgets thestylishhomemakeovershedeserves. DID YOU KNOW? TomCruise did his own stunts for Top Gun: Maverick. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer confirmed that Cruise is a licensed pilot and that it was indeed the actor inside the cockpits for those action scenes. Hollywood on Set: Top Gun: Maverick/ Firestarter/We Crashed 25 mins | PG13 | E Gobehind thescenesandontheset forexclusive footageof thenewblockbustermoviesTopGun: Maverick,FirestarterandWeCrashed. WELLBE ING Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts 103 mins | PG13 | E HarryPotter20thAnniversary: Returnto HogwartsreunitesDanielRadcliffe,Rupert Grint,EmmaWatson,otheresteemedcast membersand filmmakersacrossall eight HarryPotter films for the first time to celebrate the franchise’s first film.The retrospectivespecial tellsanenchanting making-of story throughall-newin-depth interviewsandcast conversations, inviting fansonamagical first-person journey. First We Eat 55 mins | PG13 | E For one year Suzanne Crocker, living 300 kilometres from the Arctic Circle, removes absolutely all grocery store food fromher house, only feeding her family of five food that can be hunted, fished, gathered, grown or raised. Champions League 2021/22 47 mins | PG13 | E Real Madrid beat Liverpool 1-0 in the UEFA Champions League final thanks to a second-half goal fromVinícius Júnior to win the European cup for the 14th time. This was the third time the two sides havemet in the final. © 2022 WARNERMEDIA DIRECT, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. HBO MAX™ IS USED UNDER LICENSE. / © 2022, DISCOVERY COMMUNICATIONS, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED / © TOURNEZ S’IL VOUS PLAIT – ARTE FRANCE / 2020 Tom Cruise: An Eternal Youth 53 mins | PG13 | E After a40-year career inHollywoodTom Cruisedoesnot seemtoage. Althoughhe was onceHollywood’shighest paidstar, TomCruisehas alsobeena tormented actorwhosebreak-ups andScientology beliefsprovided regular fodder for the tabloids.Thisdocumentary unveils the other sideof themanbehindhis legendary smile.